Power Flushing Bickenacre - POWER FLUSH ESSEX imagePower Flushing Bickenacre - POWER FLUSH ESSEX image

Power Flushing Bickenacre - POWER FLUSH ESSEX

Customer Testamonials 

“Thank you Power Flushing Essex – we are pleased with the results of the power flush treatment” – Mr Marlston, Bickenacre, Essex

 “The results of the power flushing treatment were noticeable right away. We would highly recommend Power Flushing Essex” – Mark Jones, Danbury, Essex

“Thank you Power Flushing Essex for fixing our central heating system with a power flush!” – J. Kilstow, Maldon, Essex

“Great job, Power Flushing Essex! The radiators are all heating up evenly now, so we don’t need the heating up so high” – Mr Richards, Bradwell On Sea, Essex

“We would recommend Power Flushing Essex to anyone” – Paul, Beeleigh, Essex

“It is fantastic to have an efficiently running central heating system! Having to relight the boiler several times a day and having intermittent hot water I will NOT miss” – Lucy, Stock, Essex

“Having evenly heating radiators has made such a difference. The heating doesn’t have to be up so high to warm the house!” – Syd Barlow, Galleyend, Essex

“Cleaning all that grime from the radiators has to make a difference! I now know why the heating was not working properly! Thank you Power Flushing Essex” – Mrs Foster, Springfield, Essex

 “Heating and hot water restored in a day! Thank you Power Flushing Essex” – Dan White, Boreham, Essex