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Power Flushing Chelmsford - POWER FLUSH ESSEX

Over time, central heating systems will start to lose efficiency and begin to display signs of disrepair. Corrosion and a build up of lime scale and rust form a black sludge which is exrtemeely damaging to the system. Signs that your central heating system is beginning to fail include

Black dirty water when you bleed the radiators

Radiators that are cold on the top, or at the bottom

Intermittent heat and hot water

Noisy boiler caused by limescale build up

Unexplained boiler cut outs

Rising fuel bills caused by a system that is working harder and producing less

Once you start to experience any of these issues then you need to take action . There is only one efficient and guaranteed method of removing all the sludge, and this is a commercial Power Flush. Power Flush Essex are field leaders in Power Flushing, and have already restored efficiency to hundreds of central heating systems throughout the Wickford, Rettendon, Battlesbridge and Rawreth area. Our engineers are fully qualified and registered, and have extensive experience flushing central heating systems and cleaning radiators in both domestic and commercial properties.


What is Power Flushing?


The Power Flush is a simple and guaranteed method of removing the sludge and debris from inside the central heating system, leaving behind clean unblocked pipes and radiators that allow the free circulation of heat and hot water. Our top of the range equipment is attached to a single point in your system this is usually a radiator. Cleansing chemicals and rust inhibitors are pumped around the entire system using a reverse flow process, which in effect scrubs the sludge and debris from the pipes and radiators. This is then passed through MagnaClean magnet filters which safely and cleanly removes the unwanted deposits. In the majority of cases, this entire process can be completed in a single day.


After your system has been flushed, you will benefit from


· Savings of up to 25% on your fuel bills due to system efficiency

· Clean radiators, pipes and valves that have corrosion protection.

· All components of the system will have extended life spans

· Less boiler noise and faster heat up times.

· All our work is of course, fully guaranteed.

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Power Flush Essex recommend that systems displaying any sort of unusual behaviour should be Power Flushed as soon as possible. Leaving it too long risks total system failure, which could mean the need for a whole new central heating system installation. Power Flushing is also highly recommended for brand new systems, as the rust inhibitors give long lasting protection against the corrosion which begins from day one of use._


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