Power Flushing Clavering - POWER FLUSH ESSEX imagePower Flushing Clavering - POWER FLUSH ESSEX image

Power Flushing Clavering - POWER FLUSH ESSEX

Customer Testamonials 

“Power Flushing Essex offer fantastic power flushing services, we will be recommending them to anyone we know who is having central heating problems” – Gary H, Clavering, Essex

“Our central heating installers recommended getting our new system power flushed to protect it from corrosion and to flush out any debris from the installation. A small price to pay to look after such an expensive part of our home” – M. Timpson, Newport, Essex

“Thank you Power Flushing Essex, central heating efficiency restored.” – Mr Grant, Saffron Walden, Essex

“Power Flushing the central heating system has probably saved the life of the boiler. We recommend Power Flushing Essex” – Mrs Wallis, Melbourne, Essex

 “Power Flushing will solve most central heating problems, I am glad we chose to have this treatment. Thank you to Power Flushing Essex for great service.” – Mr Jenkins, Sawston, Essex

“Highly recommended. Power Flushing Essex made the whole process painless” – Jo, Caxton, Essex

“Seeing all that filth coming from our radiators made it clear why the boiler was about to pack in! We recommend power flushing your central heating system, definitely” – Mrs Jeffries, Shefford, Essex

“Happy Days – we have heat and hot water. Get your central heating system power flushed – it makes such a difference” – Mr Tawley, Linton, Essex