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Power Flushing Dovercourt - POWER FLUSH ESSEX

If you live in the Dovercourt area and are having trouble with your central heating system, you need to call Power Flush Essex. Most problems that occur with your central heating system are a result of a build up of a thick black iron oxide sludge which clogs and blocks the internal components. This sludge occurs over time from a build up of lime scale, rust and corrosion, and can eventually lead to the complete breakdown of the central heating system.

Power Flush Essex are market leaders in Power Flushing and have many satisfied customers in the Harwich, Great Oakley and Bradfield area. Our engineers are highly qualified, fully insured and registered, and take pride in restoring efficiency to ailing systems.

Problems such as strange noises and unexplained boiler cut outs, black dirty water when bleeding radiators, unevenly heating radiators, intermittent heat and hot water, and rising fuel bills all indicate that your central system is clogged up with sludge and debris, and you need to take action if you want to avoid having to replace the whole system. The only way to do this is to have your central heating power flushed.

Power Flushing takes a single day in the majority of cases and is not as disruptive as you may think. Our top of the range machine is connected to a single radiator or pump, and cleansing chemicals and rust inhibitors are forced throughout the entire system. The loosened sludge and deposits are then removed from the system by our MagnaClean magnet filters.

Benefits to having your radiators flushed are many, and can be noticed straight away.

·           Less boiler noise and faster heat up times.

·          Extended life spans for boilers, pipes and radiators

·          Increased efficiency will have you see reductions of up to 25% on your fuel bills

·          Clean radiators and pipes that will allow free circulation of heat and hot water


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Power Flush Essex operate throughout Essex, and if you live in or around Tendring, Bradfield, Beaumont, and Manningtree, then we have a team nearby to help you with all your central heating needs.