Power Flushing Ingatestone - POWER FLUSH ESSEX imagePower Flushing Ingatestone - POWER FLUSH ESSEX image

Power Flushing Ingatestone - POWER FLUSH ESSEX

Customer Testamonials 

“Power Flushing Essex flushed our central heating system this week and they results were fantastic. The house takes no time at all to heat up now” – H. Cooper, Ingatestone, Essex

“Having the power flushing treatment will make a difference to our fuel bills – now that the boiler and pump can work efficiently” – Mr Foster, Blackmore, Essex

“Thank you Power Flushing Essex, great to have the heating back on!” – Sue Hart, Doddinghurst, Essex

“No more radiator cold spots and the boiler doesn’t cut out any more” – Gary, Stock, Essex

“Thank you Power Flushing Essex for fixing the central heating!” – Wendy Preedy, Billericay, Essex

“Flushing the radiators solved all the problems we were  having with our heating” – Bob Young, Hutton, Essex

“Happy to recommend Power Flushing Essex – great service” – A. Galloway, Fox Hatch, Essex