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Power Flushing Southend-On-Sea - POWER FLUSH ESSEX

Is your central heating system experiencing any or all of the following? If you are then you need to take action before a serious break down occurs.

Black dirty water when you bleed the radiators

Rising fuel bills caused by a system that is working harder and producing less

Radiators that are cold on the top, or at the bottom due to blockages and gas build up

Intermittent heat and hot water, slow heat up times

Noisy boiler, caused by lime scale build up

Unexplained boiler cut outs


Your central heating system over the years will fall foul to corrosion and lime scale build up. This forms a black iron oxide sludge which coats the insides of the pipes and radiators causing many of the central heating problems listed above. Once you start to experience any of these issues then you need to take action. The Power Flush treatment is the guaranteed method of removing the sludge from your system, cleaning radiators, pipes and pumps and restoring efficiency. Failure to do so will inevitably lead to the breakdown of the entire system.

Our highly qualified and friendly engineers guarantee to restore your central heating back to full efficiency. The Power Flush is a relatively simple procedure than in the majority of cases can be carried out in a single day. We use the most up to date machinery to guarantee the best results possible. We connect the machine to a single pump or radiator in your system and pump a powerful mix of clean water, cleansing chemicals and descalers, and rust inhibitors around the entire system. This mixture, along with the loosened debris is then passed through our MagnaClean filters which safely remove the unwanted deposits from your system.


Some of the benefits you will experience after a Power Flush Treatment include


·       Your boiler and radiators, valves and pipes will have a longer lifespan

·       Savings of up to 25% on your fuel bills as your system has to work less, and produces more.

·       Clean radiators, pipes and valves that have corrosion protection.

·       Less noise from your boiler, and it will take less time to heat your house.

·       All our work is fully guaranteed.


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Power Flush Essex provide an expert and specialised Power Flushing service throughout the Southend-On-Sea area, including Rayleigh, Westcliff-On-Sea, Rochford and Canvey Island. Contact us to Power Flush your system as soon as you notice your central heating behaving strangely to avoid the need for a whole system replacement. The Power Flush service is also recommended for freshly installed systems to protect against corrosion.