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Power Flushing Thaxted - POWER FLUSH ESSEX

Throughout the Thaxted, Elsenham and Newport areas there are many Central Heating systems that are on the verge of a fatal break down. Years of use have allowed them to become clogged up with lime scale, rust and corrosion which forms a thick black iron oxide sludge. This sludge is the cause of many common problems experienced by many homeowners. If you are experiencing unevenly heating radiators, unexplained boiler cut outs, black water when bleeding the radiators, slow heat up times and strange noises, and rising fuel bill costs, then your system is one of those systems that is at risk of failing. As soon as you notice any of these problems then you need to take action by calling Power Flush Essex.


Power Flush Essex are a team of highly qualified heating engineers who specialise in the only guaranteed method or removing the sludge from inside your radiators, pipes and boiler – Commercial Power Flushing.

Power Flushing is a procedure we can usually carry out in a single day and as we only need access to a single radiator or pump to perform the flush, it is minimally disruptive. Our machine will flush through the entire system cleansing chemicals and corrosion inhibitors, to loosen the sludge and debris. This is then passed through top of the range MagnaClean magnet filters which remove all the unwanted deposits. You are left with clean, protected pipes, radiators and boiler – allowing unrestricted flow of heat and hot water around your property.


Benefits of Power Flushing can be noticed immediately and include


Faster heat up times, and less noise from the system.

All radiators will heat up quickly and evenly

You will save up to 25% on your fuel bill as the system is running more efficiently

Clean radiators, pipes and valves that will have extended life spans due to the corrosion protection

Our work comes with a full guarantee.


All our engineers are fully qualified, insured and registered, and work with complete respect for your property and time. We have worked in and around PitseaShortgrove, Chickney, Finchingfield and Wethersfield for many years. Call us now to see how we can help  make sure you are getting the most out of your central heating system. We are happy to provide FREE site visits and written no-obligation quotes are available upon request.


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