Power Flushing White Notley - POWER FLUSH ESSEX imagePower Flushing White Notley - POWER FLUSH ESSEX image

Power Flushing White Notley - POWER FLUSH ESSEX

Customer Testamonials 

“We had been given Power Flushing Essex’s number when we started having problems with our central heating. They came round and power flushed the radiators and the results are fantastic! We will be recommending them too!” – Susan T, White Notley, Essex

“Awesome. Great job – thank you” – H. Kine, Silver End, Essex

“Flushing the radiators and pipes has cleared out all the sludge that had built up over the years and the system now runs like new” – Paula J, Braintree, Essex

“Happy to recommend Power Flushing Essex” – Karen F, Black Notley, Essex

“Power Flushing Essex did a great job with our central heating problems, things are workingmuch better now” – Grant W, Terling, Essex

“We got our new central heating system power flushed on the recommendation of our insurers, as it gives the system long term protection against corrosion” – Mrs Hartley, Witham, Essex

“Liking the fact that the power flush gives protection against corrosion as well as clearing out allthe gunk” – Mr Thomas, Braxted, Essex

“Thank you Power Flushing Essex – great job” – Dave D, Coggeshall, Essex